4 Easy DIY Pet Toys

Ready for 4 easy DIY pet toys your pet will love? Here are four of our favorites!

Don’t have a pet? Consider making and donating these toys to the homeless animals of HSNEGA or your local shelter! If you do, we’d love to see photos of your PAWesome crafts when they’re done!

Dog Snuffle Mat

[Download PDF]

Items Needed:

Rubber Mat
Yards of Fabric/Old Shirts

1. Cut fabric into 1″ x 7″ strips.

2. Take a strip and push one end through a hole in the mat. Take the other end and push it through the hole next to it. Double knot the fabric.

3. Push each end of a fabric’s strip through adjacent holes that are horizontal. When this is complete, push new strips through adjacent holes that are vertical, and then diagonal. You may find it easier to push the fabric through the holes from the back of the mat and then flip it over to tie the ends.

4. Feel the mat and look at the back to see if holes are apparent. If so, add another section of tied fabric on the opposite diagonal.


Cat Nip Empanada

[Downloadable PDF]

Items Needed:

Fleece/Felt/Old Shirt
Permanent Marker

1. Cut your fabric/fleece/shirt into a piece around 7″ x 5″. Fold the piece in half.

2. Use scissors to round off the top of your rectangle.

3. Cut flaps, 1/3″ wide by 1″ long, around the edges. Use the marker to make guides as needed.

4. Tie corresponding flaps together except for two or three at the end.

5. Put a pinch or two of catnip in the empanada and stuff it with extra fabric/fleece/shirt.

6. Tie the remaining flaps and let your feline pal enjoy!

Braided T-Shirt Toy

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Items Needed:

An old t-shirt

Feather Toy for Cat Condos

[Downloadable PDF]

Items Needed:

Hot Glue Gun
Pipe Cleaner

1. Use a hot glue gun to put glue a half-inch from the bottom of the feather.

2. Leaving a top half-inch free of the piper cleaner, wrap the bottom half-inch where the glue is around the feather.

3. Bend the top half-inch of the pipe cleaner back and wrap it around the base of the feather so that the end doesn’t stick out.

4. Secure the free edge of the pipe cleaner to the cat’s condo and let them have a blast with their new toy!

If you would like to donate your crafts to the homeless animals of HSNEGA you can drop them off at the HSNEGA Adoption Center located at 845 West Ridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501.


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