If you’re like most of us, falling in love with a pet is easy. Adopt Now!

When looking to add a furry friend to your family, adopting from HSNEGA is one of the most heartwarming choices you can make. As a no-kill shelter, the Humane Society provides a temporary home for thousands of dogs and cats each year. By adopting from the HSNEGA, you are literally saving an animal’s life and giving them a second chance. So Adopt Now for a love so satisfying it will save two lives. 

Beyond saving lives, adopting from the Humane Society prevents future pet overpopulation. Nearly 3 million animals are euthanized in shelters every year due to overcrowding. Adopting a pet, ensures you are not contributing to this cycle. The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia strives to control local pet overpopulation through adoption programs and affordable spay/neuter services. When you adopt from HSNEGA, you are supporting these important initiatives. 

Our knowledgeable staff at HSNEGA takes the time to get to know each animal in their care, while helping to match you with  furever friend. Our adoption process ensures every animal finds a loving, responsible home.  

By opting to adopt, you extend a helping hand to an animal in need, granting them a second chance at a joyful life in a loving home. In doing so, you embrace the true essence of love and happiness.

The HSNEGA Adoption Center is open TUESDAY-SATURDAY 10-6 pm and is located at 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501

Make a difference in the lives of animals.

Give with Confidence

At HSNEGA, we want to remember the amazing rescues that come to stay with us. All of the animals pictured on this site have been with us at some point. Some have already found their forever homes, but some may still be here at HSNEGA! The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #58-0678817) and has received top recognition from the following charity rating organizations:

Best of Georgia, GreatNonProfit & GuideStar Seals