Blueridge 101

Meet my friend Blueridge, aka Blue. He’s a 7-month-old (now 3-year-old) Jack Russell Terrier mix who had a rough start in life. Blue, his siblings and his parents were found living in dirt holes off of Atlanta Highway and were rescued by some wonderful, selfless people who knew they needed a second shot at life.

All of his family have a new home except for Blue. You see, he’s a special boy. He was a little more timid, a little less trusting than the rest of his family. When our team realized Blue needed a little more time and some extra TLC, we called in the troops and rallied together to show Blueridge that people weren’t bad.

Boy, oh boy, has he come along way! He really loves Yesenia, HSNEGA’s Adoption Center Manager. She’s living proof Blue is a loyal boy. She saw he had potential and took charge in making sure we gave this little fella every opportunity to have a better life. Part of our job is nurturing our rescues by giving them the attention and time they need while also knowing our time with them is only temporary. Yesenia and the rest of our team’s selfless acts of love and compassion have helped Blue learn it’s okay to be cautious but it’s also okay to trust. That’s the most important thing.

Months have passed, and Blue is ready for his new home and we’re here to make sure he finds the BEST home. He will need patience, he will need you to understand if he has an accident he doesn’t mean it and please don’t yell because loud noises and sudden movements can upset him and sometimes that nice empty corner is cozy to him (especially with blankets and lots of toys, or even a bed).

There are a few other things you need to know about Blue. He’s is a foodie. He LOVES food. Peanut butter is his favorite, but he wouldn’t mind a bite of your sandwich… or a piece of your steak… or you know the list could go on. We’re just lucky he doesn’t have an Instagram.

Blue also LOVES LOVES LOVES other dogs. He’s almost a different dog when he’s with his friends here at HSNEGA. He likes to run, play, and wrestle (ask his pal, Chunk)! If you had another dog in your home, it would be PAWesome and definitely help his adjustment process.

I know I said “my” friend when I started this post, but in reality, Blue is a friend to everyone at HSNEGA. Every single team member who put in time, every volunteer who sat with him to further his socialization, everyone who saw potential in Blueridge.

He knows his name, he knows how to ask to go out (he whimpers and he whines), bushes are his favorite spot to go (a little privacy please!) but if he can’t make it outside, if you have pads down on the floor, he will use those. He’s used to being crated, he loves soft blankets, squishy beds, and chew toys. Kong’s with peanut butter are his favorite! Blue is a smart dog who just needs a chance. Once you’re his friend and he loves you, you’re friends for life.

If you were to come visit Blueridge at HSNEGA, he would be hiding behind his Kuranda bed. He might not come to you, he might bark at you, but he would never hurt you. Blue is a gentle soul who just needs time to trust.

We all gave him time, we talked to him, read books to him, told him our secrets, shared our lunches, opened our homes and offices to him, and took a chance. Now we’re patiently waiting on Blue’s person to come in and do the same.

Email to plan a visit to meet our friend Blueridge. He is fixed, up-to-date on vaccines, on flea and tick prevention as well as heartworm prevention.

So what are you waiting for? Come take a chance. Meet Blue, change your life AND his.

~Merissa Glass

Original Publish Date: July 5, 2018

Updated February 17, 2021: The above blog was written when Blueridge first came to HSNEGA in 2018. His owner unexpectedly passed away in 2020 and is now back at HSNEGA looking for a home. Blueridge is a special pup and has come a long way since he was rescued 2 years ago.

Please note, some of the HSNEGA Team Members mentioned above are no longer employed at HSNEGA. For an abbreviated list of the HSNEGA Team click HERE. Also note, the Adoption Center hours have been updated since the original publishing date of this blog post. For the most up-to-date Adoption Center hours and information visit


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