#LockedUpForGood. What does that mean? Well, I’m here to tell you about one of the most unique, fun, and inspirational events you’ll ever hear of!
In honor of National Dog Day on August 26 and Adoption-A-Shelter-Dog Month in October, the fifth annual Adoption Angel Lock-In, presented by Chris Appel and Mike Cape, will be held on September 24, 25 & 26. The Lock-In is a unique and exciting event where kind-hearted people in our community agree to be #LockedUpForGood in a kennel with a rescue and raise their “bail.” This year’s Adoption Angel Lock-In is dedicated in memory of a dear and dedicated volunteer who HSNEGA lost suddenly in July. The Adoption Angel Lock-In was her favorite event. A bail-raising page has been set up in her memory so she can continue to truly be an angel to the HSNEGA rescues.

The proceeds from the Adoption Angel Lock-In benefit the HSNEGA’s rescue and adoption efforts, specifically the Adoption Angel program. An Adoption Angel is someone who ensures rescues receive all of the care and love they need while they await a forever home. At the Adoption Angel Lock-In, “penmates” choose a rescue to be an Adoption Angel to and raises funds, AKA bail, for their care while promoting them for adoption. Bail-raising starts August 26 and runs through the days of the event until September 30. When the penmates reach their bail-raising goal, they become their rescue’s Adoption Angel.

Penmates can be anyone and everyone. Ranging from HSNEGA team members to Board members to corporations to volunteers to community leaders and more! These members of the community not only raise funds for the rescues but they raise awareness and even gain perspective of what the rescues experience every single day. HSNEGA has amazing volunteers and team members who take the animals out for playtime and some socialization, but they can only do so much. Many of the rescues spend 23 hours+ per day in their kennels. The Lock-In allows supporters to understand this first hand.

“As I sat there, I got a glimpse into what their normal day in a shelter is like. As a volunteer, I aim to give them as much time out of their kennels as I can but that’s only so much time. These pups sit and wait patiently (some for days and some for months) to find their forever homes. Jax and Opie [my penmates] had been with us for a few months and they were both adopted the day after the Lock-In!!! I was so excited when I got the news because that’s what the Lock-In is all about. It shines a light on our rescues and gives them the little push that some might need,” April Aguirre, HSNEGA volunteer.

“2017 was my first year being ‘locked up’ and I had only worked at HSNEGA for one month at that time. I was so incredibly proud of everyone that participated and sacrificed their day to spend it with a homeless rescue in need. The Large Dog Adoption room was so quiet and all the dogs were calm and happy. I left that day feeling so humbled and inspired, and already wanted it to be 2018 so we could do it all over again!” Kyra Phelps, Lock-In penmate.

One of HSNEGA’s former Board members, Teryl Worster, says it best, “Human beings were given dominion over the plant and animal kingdoms…. some see that as dominance, I see that as protection and provision. This is my way of trying to provide and protect these precious animals.”

There are 69 penmates as of today and there’s still room for MORE! Interested in being a penmate? Click HERE. Interested in being a Guardian Angel sponsor? Email Samantha Threadgill at SThreadgill@HSNEGA.org.

Updated as of August 18, 2020.


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