Tough as nails and sweet as pie… Kaiya’s Story.

Today, we want to show how YOUR support helped one rescue go from orphaned to overjoyed…
Kaiya is a survivor.

Abandoned by their mother after giving birth, Kaiya spent the first month of her life trying to survive the great outdoors with her two siblings. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found them just in time, or so she thought…

“Where is your family? Who would abandon you?” she wondered.

Time was running out.

The kind lady took the remaining puppies in and tried to give them warmth before making the decision to surrender them to HSNEGA, where Kaiya’s life would quickly turn around. Unfortunately, her siblings had given up and crossed the rainbow bridge.

Starvation had taken the only family Kaiya had ever known.

Kaiya thought she was alone in the world. With eyes locked in on someone approaching her kennel, Kaiya shook violently. What was happening to her now? When her first bowl of wet food was placed inside, she was overcome with relief. Her nose did not leave the bowl until it was licked clean.

For the first time in her entire life, Kaiya’s belly was full.

Over the course of a month, Kaiya spent time regaining her strength. Eating food became her favorite hobby, and she was good at it. HSNEGA staff decided it might be a good time to find Kaiya a foster home until she was strong enough to be put up for adoption. Little did she know, life was about to become worth all of the time she spent fighting for it.

Having recently applied to become fosters at HSNEGA, Steven and Scott decided that little Kaiya would be their first foster.

After just a few short hours, they officially became ‘foster fails’ and made the decision to keep Kaiya and make her a part of their loving family. There was just something about her that made them feel complete.

With hope restored, Kaiya was finally home.

“Kaiya (now Kai) was the first puppy that we fostered. But as you can guess, we failed. She was sweet as could be then and still is to this day. She loves everyone and everything. She hasn’t met another animal that she does not like. She has gained a whopping 40+ pounds since her adoption picture was taken. Almost twice as much as we were all expecting her to weigh…

…She is one of the most caring animals we have had the pleasure of meeting. When she plays with small dogs she is always extra careful to make sure that she does not hurt them, but she does not hold back with large dogs. You could say she’s tough as nails and sweet as pie. We thought everyone might enjoy seeing her all grown up.” ~Steven and Scott, HSNEGA Lifesavers and Kai’s (Kaiya’s) new PAWrents.


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