They Leave Paw Prints on Your Heart

If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you know how deeply you feel the grief when it’s time to say goodbye. Here are our tips on coping with loss during the pandemic and beyond…

  • Grieving the loss of your beloved can be isolating, especially if you don’t have others in your life who understand you’ve lost a family member. Reach out to people you can trust, and don’t belittle your pain. If all else fails, remember, we’re here for you. 

  • Let yourself grieve. Let the tears fall. And don’t let anyone diminish the pain you feel in your heart for the one you have lost. 

  • Creating a place of peace, somewhere you can lay flowers or say prayers, may bring you some comfort. You might like to plant a tree or some flowers in their favorite garden spot to remember them. 

  • Grief throws up a huge orchestra of emotions. You might feel guilt, anger, even resentment for a surviving pet. Whatever you are feeling, it’s normal. Give yourself time and be kind to yourself. 

  • Some people find fostering an animal who needs them brings comfort during difficult days. Love, given and returned, is the best medicine to help heal a broken heart. If you feel ready to foster, long or short term, please reach out to We have a furry friend to help you through. 

The strength of your love for your dearly departed friend is how you can be sure that your loved and lost was lucky to have you, until the very end.

Thank you for being someone who loves the animals in your life so deeply. You bring untold joy to the world.


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