Sweeter than Sherbet

Today we want to melt your heart quicker than sherbet in the sun! Meet Blue Pop Sherbert! This fluffy little guy soon realized how he could use cuteness and big brown eyes to his advantage upon his arrival at HSNEGA…

Don’t be fooled, Chihuahuas often get a bad reputation as being timid or nervous to strangers, but not this guy! Blue Pop Sherbert is enormously loyal and loving, and wanted nothing more than to be with our staff members everywhere they went during his time at HSNEGA! With one bat of his eyelashes and a soft whine, he successfully tricked many of our workers into keeping him wrapped up in loving arms throughout the day.

Once neutered and in our adoption room, he was determined to find his forever home as quickly as he could! He put his paw down and pretended to cry, dreaming of a family that had yet to arrive, but his tears immediately dried up when Valerie opened his kennel doors and decided to take him to a new home (less than two hours after he was available, by the way) where he could be snuggled all day!

“Our precious little Bandit (previously Blue Pop Sherbet) has adjusted very well! His cute personality keeps coming out and shining more every day! My lap has been full ALL the time and he isn’t happy unless he’s being held 24/7! Bandit had his first spa day at our vet’s office and they said he did very well, that was such good news!!! Bandit ended his day with a follow-up exam in the Healthy Pet Clinic. Several girls were excited to see him and how happy he is with his new family! Bandit and his one of his new fur siblings Koda are beginning to bond and even sleeping side by side in my lap. All but one of our babies were adopted from here, we absolutely love this little guy!” ~Valerie, HSNEGA Lifesaver and Bandit’s new PAWrent!

Warm wags from the team at HSNEGA!



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