This Sunday is SuPAW Bowl LV! Before the game, get a glimpse at all of the stars of the Tampa Bay BARKaneers and the Kansas City Kitties. Which team will you be cheering for?

Tampa Bay BARKaneers

First up is the five talented canines that compose the Tampa Bay BARKaneers. A group of FURtastic fetchers known for pulling out a win even in the hairiest of games.

Leading the league in forward passes is Johnny, the quarterback. This shot-calling 5-year-old Labrador Retriever mix can’t wait to score the touchdown of a lifetime.

When the team is on the defense, Stormie is the first one on the field. This 1-year-old Terrier/Retriever mix has the speed that puts her above the rest.

This 6-year-old Terrier/Beagle mix has it all. Running offense, successful PAW offs, FURtastic blocking and a cheerful personality, Milo is the all-around star of the team.

Billy always has his eyes on the prize! Nine times out of ten it is a great asset for his team… that is until this 1-year-old Terrier mix sees a treat. Thankfully they are barred from the field!

Nothing gets past this 3-year-old Boxer mix. Lacey is a master of defense and will gladly hold the line. While she is strong on the field, off she enjoys a good long pet like any other pup.

Kansas City Kitties

While the canines may have a size advantage, these CATheletes have the skill that makes them fierce competitors. Meet the five felines who are ready to bring home the coveted Big Game trophy!

This 2-year-old has been waiting PAWtiently for her turn to stand in the spotlight! As the leader of her team, Brook Trout is ready to guide them to their first-ever SuPAW Bowl victory.

Mama Cat is a master of making sure every play goes smoothly. It is her cool nature that can help her team win. This 6-year-old always stays mellow even during the heat of the game.

This 2-year-old is shy off the field, making her a lesser-known running back but don’t let that fool you! Padme is ready to bring her A game this Sunday.

With the highest number of third-down conversions, it’s no shock that Kitty was a first-round draft pick. This 3-year-old is ready for the ultimate conversion- getting adopted!

An excellent return specialist and all-around CAThelete, Doyle is the Kansas City Kitties’ MVP. This 4-year-old has been looking to leave his mark in the PAW of Fame!

Ready to recruit any of these world-class DOGtastic CAThletes to your team? Meet the Tampa Bay Barkaneers and Kansas City Kitties at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, located at 845 W Ridge Rd, Gainesville, open Tuesday-Sunday 12-6 pm. You can also visit to all of HSNEGA’s adoptable rescues.


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