Smidgen – A Small but Mighty Princess

UPDATE: Smidgen has found a castle to call her own!

Smidgen is often a word people use to describe a small amount of something, like ‘just a smidge’ or ‘add a little bit off that and a smidgen of this’. Our smidgen is anything but, while she may be small in size she’s big in everything else she does.

At 10 months old Smidgen or Smidge, as most of us call her, has been through quite a lot. Smidge has a heart murmur, and while that sounds scary to a lot of people it doesn’t scare her. She’s happy and thriving. She’s living her best life right now and what would make it better is if she had a home.
I love all of the animals that come through our doors, but to be honest I think I love her just a little more. I don’t want her to spend the best days of her life living in our shelter, as awesome as we are. I want her to have a home and a family that knows just how truly special she is. Smidgen is one of a kind, a little something extra.
The prettiest princess in all the lands.

I come in every morning and tell her she’s the prettiest princess in all the lands and that only the best will suffice for her. I make sure to pet her and reassure her that someday her family will come and take her to a new castle. She’s so gentle and loving, never one to shy away from affection or attention she just eats it all up.

While there are times I wish smidgen had a normal heart, I know she’s meant to have this one because it’s so big and has enough room to love everyone important to her. Smidgen because of her condition will need an understanding family who would be willing to work with her as she may need it.


While the amazing medical team at HSNEGA worked with Smidgen, and tried to figure out the best treatment for her she went into our foster program. Her foster mom and foster human brother loved her. Her foster mom said that Smidgen, while mischievous and sometimes messy, she was a delight to have in their home.  She did warn us though that anything delicious smelling (like snacks, sandwiches etc.) left out and unattended was fair game to our feisty little princess. I know that there’s someone out there for her and that they just haven’t seen her yet. I wrote this in hopes of finding them for her because while I can’t take her home, I can find her one.


If you’re interested in Smidgen and would like to know more about her condition, her, and the care she might need in the future please feel free to contact us at any time. She loves visitors and would love to meet you!
~Merissa Glass, Former HSNEGA Employee

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