Saving Annie

Today we want to share the progress of Annie, the kitty whose journey started with a not-so-simple step.
Born with a neurological condition, Annie was not expected to live longer than a few days.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly, resulting in the loss of motor skills, balance, and coordination. Annie’s condition is not painful or contagious, but her case was far worse than most.

With severe body tremors that occur each time she intends to make a movement, completing tasks such as eating, using the litter box, and even playing seemed impossible at first. But young Annie began defying all odds when one special foster picked her off her paws…

For almost a decade, our PAWesome foster Susan has worked with HSNEGA and made a lasting impact on numerous rescues’ lives.

At just a few months old, Annie began to take her first guided steps under Susan’s care. She has made enormous progress since that very first day. Annie loves to play with toys and finds comfort laying on her foster siblings. She is committed to keeping up with them and has begun taking steps on her own.

“Annie is such an amazing cat! It took a long time but she taught herself to function independently. She eats, drinks, and uses a regular litter box without help anymore. She may walk a little funny, but she is goal-oriented and will get wherever she wants to go. Annie is playful, loving, and determined. She greets me every morning by sitting on my feet, patiently waiting to be picked up for a morning hug. She loves to be in the middle of all of the action. While she can easily entertain herself, Annie really enjoys interacting with both dogs and cats. When she’s tired, her favorite place to nap is on a human.” ~HSNEGA Lifesaver and Annie’s Foster. 

Now at six months old, Annie recently found her FURever family. Annie found a family who is patient and will spend time helping her continue to grow stronger. She is determined to fully walk one day, and has parents who believes in her just as much as she believes in herself!

We are very excited that Annie found a family. We could not have done it without our amazing foster community!

We hope you’re enjoying these weekly feel-good stories YOU made PAWssible!

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