A Message From Our CEO


“I want to thank everyone for bringing to our attention any concerns about the operations of HSNEGA so that we can review and respond accordingly, with the best interest of the animals and our people taking precedence. As such, here is some information that will add some context:

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA) does not discuss its personnel actions nor do we provide information about specific employees in order to comply with employment law and to protect personal privacy.

The medical staff, including our Veterinarians, who offer clinical support and medical treatment to our animals are employed with careful consideration of their appropriate professional skills and capabilities.

The protocols employed by our team, led by our Lead Veterinarian, align with the ASPCA Humane Alliance Standards of Veterinary Care (https://bit.ly/3RblbNq)

The animals in our care and the people who serve alongside us are the highest priority both in physical and mental health.

The Department of Agriculture, who performed their annual review just last month, is responsible for renewing our license as an animal shelter and we were found in compliance as we have been every year since they began doing shelter reviews.

UPDATE: The Department of Agriculture performed an ‘Unannounced Investigation’ of our facilities on Monday, August 29, 2022, in which they found HSNEGA in complete compliance. You can view the full report HERE.

HSNEGA staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the care of the animals. Here are the stories of two precious dogs that were in our care who are now experiencing their ‘Happy Tails!’ They both had great outcomes due to the loving care and treatment they received at HSNEGA. You can read their stories here:



These are only two stories out of the 1600 animals that we find forever homes for annually. HSNEGA also provides excellent veterinary care to over 12,000 owned pets through the Christian-David Healthy Pet Clinic and over 1000 pets through outreach every year.

I welcome a discussion with anyone at any time over the phone or in person. You can reach me at 770-532-6617 ext. 233.

I would also like to invite anyone to sign up for a tour and you can do so at HSNEGA.org/tours

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

~Allison Mayfield, CEO”

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At HSNEGA, we want to remember the amazing rescues that come to stay with us. All of the animals pictured on this site have been with us at some point. Some have already found their forever homes, but some may still be here at HSNEGA! The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #58-0678817) and has received top recognition from the following charity rating organizations:

Best of Georgia, GreatNonProfit & GuideStar Seals