Pet Travel Tips

Tips For Car Safety
“Are we there yet?”

Here are a few tips from Purina on how to make car travel a little easier for you and your pets.

  • Make The Trip Feel Like Any Other Day
    • Before the scheduled day of travel, practice entering the car, leaving the car and short trips around town can increase in your pet’s comfort levels.
  • Buckle Up
    • You wear a seat belt so why shouldn’t your pet? Investing in car safety devices for your pets such as barriers, carriers or harness can make the world of difference in the case of an emergency.
  • Take Breaks
    • Every time you stop for a bathroom break, or to just stretch your legs, take your pet on a short walk. Even if they don’t have to go potty, a short walk can greatly reduce a pet’s anxiety on a long trip.

Tips For Flying
Flying can be a stressful time for pets and pet parents alike. Between loud noises and large crowds, it can often be a jarring experience. Thankfully, Purina also has a few tips on how to make flying with our furry friends a bit easier.

  • Plan Plan Plan
    • Airlines have restrictions on weight, size and even breeds of pets they allow on flights. They also have a restriction on the number of animals you can travel with. Be sure to look ahead at your airline’s policies and book early to ensure a spot for your pet.
  • Consider the Temperature
    • The weather might be nice where you are but what about where you are traveling to? In the winter season, temperatures may be too low to fly your pets. Research and consider the airline’s minimum and maximum temperature guidelines. In the cooler months, try to book mid-day flights when temperatures are the warmest.
  • Listen to your Pet
    • Does your pet have difficulty breathing? Are they older and not able to travel as easily as they used to? This might be a sign that they are not be suited for flying. Instead, a better option might be boarding or pet-sitting. If there is no other option, double-check with your regular vet to determine if they are healthy enough to fly.
  • Be Prepared
    • Get your dog familiar with their crate they will be traveling in. Before heading to the airport, take your pet on a long walk and/or give them extra playtime to help lower their energy levels. Make sure your pet has proper identification and triple check you have all of your pet’s supplies (collars, leashes, medications, blankets etc.) for the trip. Always carry a recent photo of your pet.

Tips for Animal Sitting

Not planning on traveling with your pet? Find a pet sitter to keep your furry friend comfortable in their own home. Petfinder has a quick guide to finding the right pet sitter.

  • Ask Local Sources
    • To find a pet sitter in your area, sometimes the best source is your local animal shelter, humane society or vet.
  • Ask Resources
    • The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (800-296-PETS) or Pet Sitters International (800-268-SITS) are both fantastic ways to get referrals.
  • Check Out Pet Sitting Apps
    • Apps like Rover or DogVacay list dog sitters in your area often with reviews, certifications and more. These can be great ways to get trusted recommended sitters close to you.

Tips For Boarding

Boarding can also provide a safe place to stay while you are on vacation. SitStay offers good tips to help make the boarding process easier.

  • Keep Up To Date with Vaccines
    • Boarding facilities require up-to-date vaccination records. Check with boarding facilities during booking what they need proof of as some require different vaccinations.
  • Bring Familiar Items
    • Sometimes a blanket or familiar toy can help keep your pet calm. Be sure to bring something that reminds them of home to help make their stay a little more comfortable. Always check with the boarding facility what types of comfort items they allow.
  • Stay Calm
    • More often than not, our pets can sense our stress. When saying goodbye knowing you both are on your way to relaxation.

To stay up to date on vaccinations, stop by HSNEGA’s Healthy Pet Clinic located at 845 W. Ridge Rd, Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am-4:30 pm. You can also visit for a list of services.


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