Patrick the Protector!

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Today we want to highlight one of our rescues who loves to help others heal!

Patrick was carried into the shelter with his four sisters extremely malnourished. Skin and bones, he was still determined to take care of his siblings- especially the one that staff noticed had a birth defect (she turned out to be the ‘famous’ Peggy, the special girl YOU also helped save with a life-changing surgery!).

Being at rock bottom, Patrick knew that their situation could only get better after his first bites of real food. In just weeks Patrick grew from 2.7 pounds to 10 pounds!

With all of his might, he fought and succeeded.

Once Patrick and his siblings gained their strength, they decided to help their sister Peggy learn how to play in the Bark Park. Only able to use three legs, Patrick made sure to be gentle with Peggy so that she could also enjoy her time outside without feeling left out.

Speaking of enjoying their time, this crew quickly won over all of our staff and volunteers, and they even joined us at Art with Heart! Patrick made sure that he was the best dressed and he had a roaring good time, stealing the hearts of every guest who held him. When the PAWty was over, his next goal was to find a family… which didn’t take long.

Saying goodbye to his siblings was a heartfelt moment. But he had successfully taken care of them, and there were now two new people who needed his help to heal…

“We’ve been a 3-dog family since 2017 when we adopted Maggie (formerly Rhonda) one of the dogs from the Habersham Puppy Mill case. Our sweet 14-year-old Boston Terrier passed away which left a hole in our family’s hearts. My husband and I spoke about starting to look for another four-legged member to add to our family. Still, we didn’t realize how ready we were until we visited Patrick at the Humane Society. There was something different with this pup. I instantly fell in love! He was the sweetest little puppy who had an ear for listening and a drive to cuddle in my lap. After five minutes together, I told the ladies at the Adoption Center that he was coming home with me. We are constantly asked where he was trained, to which we say that he’s been this good from the start! He doesn’t pull on the leash, he sits, follows us off-leash, and even comes when called. He’s currently 17 weeks and over 20 lbs. We are excited to watch him grow up with us and hope his birth siblings are doing well!” ~Jamie and Kenneth, HSNEGA Lifesavers and Patrick’s new Pawrent.

Now, Patrick lives out his days as the strong, loving protector he was born to be.

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