Ode to Beau

Update: Beau has found a forever home!

Meet Beau, a 5-year-old AmStaff/Lab mix! He’s a lovable big lug who’s made quite a name for himself here at HSNEGA. He’s a staff and volunteer favorite. In fact, if you came to meet Beau, he could probably give you the grand tour of our facility because it’s become his home.

He knows us like we’re his family because, unfortunately, and fortunately for Beau he’s been with us for a long while. The unfortunate part being his long stay… one year August 26. Yet the fortunate part being he’s here at HSNEGA where we will love and take care of him until his forever people finally come for him.

You see, Beau is a special kinda guy. Just like any person, he can be a little particular about his dog friends. That’s not to say he’s opposed to meeting anyone. He’d gladly do a meet and greet with any possible future fur siblings and family just to make sure it’s the right match. He would also LOVE a large fenced in yard and someone who understands he’s not like other dogs just like not all people are the same.

Beau is a laid back kinda fella. He would be a great couch potato and would love to help you eat your food (and clean up the crumbs… and anything on the ground). He’s always up for reruns of The Golden Girls and a quick dip in the pool, and even some playtime in the yard!  But at the end of the day, I think he’d really enjoy laying in a nice big bed (yours… or his he’s not really picky as long as it’s comfy).

In all seriousness, kennel life isn’t the life we want for any of our rescues. They don’t always get the proper exercise or attention they need. Beau is no exception. We try our very hardest every day to give every single rescue, Beau included, what they need to thrive on the outside so to speak. But to be honest, it’s not the same as a warm loving home with a family, a super comfy place to sleep, and freedom to romp around as they please with no waiting on someone to come let them out for a little playtime and maybe a few cuddles.

So it is in my heart and in my hopes that whoever adopts Beau realizes how special he truly is. He’s been with us a while so an adjustment in a new home might take him a minute. A minute to realize he’s with his new family and that he’s not coming back to the shelter. He’s housebroken, he’s good with kids, he walks well on a leash and, once he knows you, he loves you unconditionally (just ask Miss Marilyn, one of Beau’s many favorite volunteers). He could use some training, just to polish up on his manners, but all in all, he’s a really great dog.

Beau is kind of an HSNEGA legend, Everyone knows him by name and everyone loves him. If you were to come visit him, you’d see him laying in his kennel on his blanket throne waiting for visitors to approach him like the royalty he is. He’d happily greet you by looking up at you from his bed, possibly even getting up to meet you at the door.

If you the reader haven’t realized already, then I will tell you as I mentioned before… We really love Beau. We want the best for him and wish him the best. And to Beau’s future people, if you’re out there, we can’t wait to meet you. He can’t wait to meet you. He’s here, and he’s waiting. See you soon!

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 12-5 pm. Come on in and say hello!

~Merissa Glass, former HSNEGA team member

Adoption Center hours have changed since the original publishing date of this blog post. For the most up-to-date Adoption Center hours and information visit HSNEGA.org/adopt


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