Koda, Dreaming of a Home

UPDATE: Koda found the forever home he was dreaming of!

Koda by my dog-tionary definition means, “a very good boy who likes to take naps and hang out with his people.” I think it’s a pretty good and accurate one if I do say so myself. It’s nothing but the absolute truth when speaking about this one-year-old Black-mouth Cur, Terrier mix.

A true sweetheart by nature with nothing but a desire for love and for someone who will be true to him. Koda you see is a special guy, he gets a little anxious inside his kennel space. He jumps up and down, does flips and various other things, which to a normal person would look like “bad” behavior or a dog that’s really “excited”. When in reality he’s really stressed and wants OUT.

A few wise women (by the names of Erica and Julie) once told me to not judge a dog by the way they act in their kennel. That every dog deserves a chance and that we’re their bridge to freedom. So now I ask you to do the same if you come to visit Koda. PLEASE let me show you how good he can be outside of that environment, let me take you out to our bark park and let Koda show you how he can shine (see video below).

Koda snoozin’ in the sunshine with one of our volunteers.

If you ask anyone of our beloved volunteers they’ll tell you and testify to his good behavior outside of those kennel doors. When he makes it to the bark park, he’s down for a big snooze, with his head heavy in someone’s lap, finally at peace.

Koda would do well in a calm environment where someone could give him the right attention that he needs. He would benefit possibly from another dog friend to show him how to sit back and relax and maybe not be so anxious when the humans are away.

Koda was a transfer from another facility so we’re unsure of how he ended up in the system but he’s here with us and I’m doing the twilight bark, I’m calling the Scotland Yard, basically in Disney speak, putting out an S.O.S. My friend needs a home with people who have plenty of time to spend with him. He’s a shy boy at first but once he gets to know you, his personality just blossoms. He’s a true pal, a forever friend.

Koda saying, “Hey Mrs. Merissa did you come to hang out with me?”

When I look at that sweet face my heart just melts and breaks all at once. Those beautiful brown eyes are just begging me to find him his place in this world. He’s a good boy who walks nicely on a leash, he minds his people and he likes to play a little bit but would mostly like to spend time with YOU his person, maybe you’re reading this. I hope that if you are, you’re getting in your car and coming down to bring this precious boy home.

I hope I do not sound like I’m begging because I am not by any means. I just know how important it is to put Koda in a home where he can finally get the rest he so rightfully deserves. A well needed, un-interrupted nap, in a place to call his own with people who see how amazing he really is.

I know his people are out there, I know they’re looking for a well-mannered boy who needs them just as much as they need him.

If you’d like to visit my sleepy friend, please don’t hesitate to come on in and meet him! He loves the company and we love it when he’s happy.

~Merissa Glass, Former HSNEGA Employee

Updated June 9, 2020


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