Fred: Update On The Gentle Giant

Today’s blog is dedicated to a heartwarming update on Fred, the Gentle Giant with a Giant Heart.

In March, Fred arrived at HSNEGA in bad shape. He had been dumped at a regional animal control by his own family, mostly blind, suffering from painful arthritis and severely diabetic. Fred was in desperate need of the lifetime of care he had been denied. In May, we wrote a blog (below) hoping for someone to see the love this 7-year-old Irish Wolfhound had left to give. And in July Fred found a home where he has not only gotten a second chance at life but a second chance at love. Last week Fred and his family stopped by for an update on how Fred is fitting right into their family and not only how they’ve helped change Fred’s life for the better, but how Fred has also made a lasting paw print on their heart.

Photos in this video and blog are by Wentzek Photo.

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Gentle Giant with a Giant Heart: Fred

At the end of the day, we all want is somewhere comfortable to rest our heads. For Fred, however, a comfortable home has always been just out of reach.

Fred is only mean to his alligator until it is nap time.

This senior dog has spent the majority of his life without a supportive, loving family. Partially blind, diabetic and aging, Fred’s conditions were brought on from a lifetime of neglect. In the years Fred should have been growing and aging gracefully, he was let down by the people who Fred knew as his family. Even now, despite his a fantastic personality and loving spirit, he is often overlooked for adoption due to his imperfections which are out of his control. Yet, all this 7-year-old gentle Irish Wolfhound, Australian Shepherd mix needs is somewhere to spend the remainder of his days and someone to share his overflowing love with.

Fred has never let any of the obstacles he faces stand in his way. He is always happy to have visitors, and you will never see him without his tail wagging and a smile on his face. When you step in front of his run, he sniffs excitedly and wags his tail, ready for whatever fun is in store. No matter who stops by or takes him out, he is always happy to follow.

Despite his large size, Fred has a gentle demeanor, never tugging on his leash and calmly waiting on pets. The only time he isn’t so gentle is with chew toys, especially with his favorite, the gator. Although he may be slower sometimes walking, due to arthritis in his hips, he is still eager to keep moving.

Just shake a bag of treats and see how quickly he comes over to you.

Fred is always happy to get belly rubs.

Despite his great outlook on life, it has not always been so cheerful for this kind-hearted dog. Fred came to HSNEGA’s doors back in 2012 when he was transferred in from another shelter. At just under a year old, he still showed a fantastic laid back nature even at the tail end of his puppy years. Young, healthy and always with eyesight, he was adopted out to the people who were supposed to be his loving forever family. From there, we lost track of Fred until HSNEGA heard about one of our former dogs in need.

This dog turned out to be Fred, and he was in much worse shape than when we had last seen him. He was severely diabetic, had lost some of his eyesight due to large painful cataracts, and was developing arthritis in his hind legs. Our team began working to steady his blood sugar levels and give him any relief we could. Over time his glucose levels leveled out but the shelter environment is too stressful for his well-being and he urgently needs to find a forever home.

It isn’t hard to see how beautiful Fred is inside and out.

A home that will finally give him the support Fred has always deserved. His new family will need to regulate his diabetes and be patient with Fred as he ages. While he stills walks well, his arthritis keeps him from being fully active and like many of us. He has his days where he just needs to take it a little slower. Ultimately Fred needs someone who sees the fantastic dog he is under the imperfections he was dealt. Someone who will give this kind old man the friendship he’s been yearning for.

Fred, through everything he has suffered, has carried with him a lifetime of love, devotion, and affection. He has just been waiting for the right family to share it with. Just meet him and you’ll see what a truly fantastic dog he is.

Will you be Fred’s best friend until the end?

Meet Fred at HSNEGA’s Adoption Center, 845 W. Ridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501, Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

Photos in this blog were taken by, Wentzek Photography,


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