DIY Pet Cookie Cutter Ornament

One of the wonderful things about the holiday season is the many fabulous crafts to do with your friends and family. Baking cookies, building gingerbread houses and snowmen just to name a few. Not many of those, however, can involve your pets unless you like hair in your cookies! That’s why we are sharing in today’s blog one of our favorite holiday DIY’s from which puts your pet at the front and center.

What You Will Need: 

  • A cookie-cutter (pet shapes like a dog bone make this even more fun!)
  • A photo either of your pet or your pet and you
  • A Pen
  • Heavy Paper (an old Christmas card works great!)
  • Ribbon, Twine or String
  • A Gluestick
  • Scissors

Step One

After selecting your favorite photo of your pet or with your pet, take your cookie cutter (sharp side down) and place it over the part of the image you want to cut out. Using your pen, trace around the outside of the cutter.

Step Two

Taking your scissors, now cut along the pen lines in your photo that you created before.

Step Three 

Now with the heavy paper repeat steps one and two except turn the cookie-cutter sharp side up. First tracing on the paper your shape, then cutting along the pen lines with your scissors.

Step Four

Cut a foot long piece of either ribbon, twine or string and loop it. Tape the part where you cut onto the backside of the heavy paper. This will be the hanging part of your ornament!

Step Five

Glue both the backing and the photo together. Then, once that is complete, place glue along the edges of your cookie cutter and press it onto the photo.

Once it is done drying you will have a cute pet-themed holiday ornament that highlights your furry friend! Be sure to place it right in the middle of the tree to show off to all of your friends and family. These ornaments also make a fantastic gift as well!


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