Day of Doc

Doc and his winning smile.

UPDATE: Doc has found a forever family!

Doc is a word that’s often used as an abbreviation for the word Doctor. Doctors are people who heal and help people. They tend to the sick and work hard to make them better. Our Doc may not have his Ph.D., he may not have attended college or ruffed it (all puns intended) as an intern, but I like to think he has and can heal people. Doc puts a smile on the faces of everyone he meets. He fills our lives at HSNEGA with joy and there’s never a dull moment with this fella.
Doc is a special case. He came to HSNEGA almost a year ago and ended up testing positive for heartworms. Despite all odds, he beat those gross worms stuck in his heart and is back to his playful, loving self. He enjoys playgroups in the Bark Park because it means playtime with his other shelter pals. Sometimes he likes to sit with me on the turf of the Bark Park, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Other times we run around together and play ball. Then sometimes we just go for long walks.

Doc knows how to sit and will gladly eat any treats you give to him. He enjoys chew toys and things that keep him busy. But most of all, he loves people. He’s been waiting a really long time to be a part of a home again.

The only thing I’m asking from Santa this year is for all of our long-term rescues, like Doc, to find a home for the holidays. Somewhere with a yard to romp around in, a comfy couch or bed to lay on. Somewhere warm and inviting where they are being loved and welcomed.


Doc would be great with kids and a great addition to any member family. If you were to come and meet this handsome, dashing, fetching young fella, you’d probably catch him doing flips or turning in circles in his kennel. That’s not because he’s excited or he’s happy. He’s anxious and he needs a home to settle down in. Outside of his kennel, he’s a lot different, just excited to be out and not contained in those four walls with two doors.

Doc’s people, if you’re reading this, he’s ready for you. He’s been waiting a really long time and he’s excited to meet you and be a part of your family.

This boy is one in a million. I know just working here and spending time with him he’s made my life better. He never fails to make me laugh or make a tough day better. I hope he can do the same for you.

~Merissa Glass, former HSNEGA team member

Updated June 9, 2020.


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