Canine Fitness: Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Ideas!

With summer right around the corner, everyone is talking about getting into shape. As you start or continue on your fitness journey, it’s important to keep your furry best friend’s health in mind, too. This month is ‘Canine Fitness Month’ and while there may not be a PAWnet Fitness yet, there are still many ways to keep your pet active, indoors and out!

Ways to Exercise Outdoors:

  • Dog Park – It may seem like a no-brainer, but this is a fantastic place to let your dog to run freely and get in some exercise. They can spend hours playing fetch or making new furry friends!
  • Go Downtown – Most downtown areas are great places to consider visiting with your pets. Not only do they offer a ton of space to walk around in, but many restaurants also feature spacious and pet-friendly outdoor seating areas. However, when headed Downtown, be sure to keep your pet on a leash and away from cars!
  • Buy a Sprinkler – Sprinklers do more than just water plants; they can provide hours of entertainment for you AND your pet. They’re also a great way to keep both of you cool during those hot summer months!
  • Go for a Hike – Hikes are a great way for you and your pup to connect with nature and stretch your legs (you may even see a wild critter or two!).
  • Geocaching – While on your hike, why not consider participating in a fun treasure hunt along the way? Geocaching is a free and fun way to explore the outdoors with a furry friend by your side.
  • Visit the Lake – Aside from just swimming, your pup can also have fun dock diving or enjoy a leisurely walk along the shore. You can also check out local attractions like the Pooch Pontoon, which lets your pet explore an island off-leash.

Ways to Exercise Indoors:

  • Classic Games – Tug of war and fetch are classics for a reason! For the majority of pets, this is a great way to keep their activity levels up even when they are unable to go outside.
  • Scavenger Hunt – If you aren’t able to participate in an outdoor Geocaching adventure, try creating an indoor scavenger hunt of your own! Hiding treats or toys around the house for your pup to find can keep them entertained and give them motivation to move around rather than snoozing the day away!
  • Hide and Seek – Instead of hiding treats, try hiding yourself! A classic game of hide-and-seek can be a fun and exciting game for you and your pet, especially if they are familiar with the sit, stay and come commands!
  • Treadmills – It may seem silly, but there is a reason that humans love treadmills and with the proper training, your pup can too! This is a fantastic way to keep a dog exercised during the cold winter months.

Whether you choose to go outdoors or stay in, there are plenty of ways to get your furry friend up and moving so they can live long, happy lives by your side! For more information, visit the links in our ‘sources’ section below. Happy exercising!



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