Betsy’s Homecoming

Today, we want to recognize one brave mama who selflessly rescued a tiny orphaned pup before finding her own FURever home. Meet Betsy, who was once a pregnant, heartworm-positive pup abandoned at a local animal control. Betsy’s previous family simply had too many animals and Betsy, being pregnant, was the first to go…

While at HSNEGA, Betsy welcomed 9 sweet babies into this world, but the day before Betsy had her babies, a tiny orphaned puppy was found in distress. Being about the same size as Betsy’s puppies, the orphan was introduced into the litter. And Betsy, being the good momma she is, immediately welcomed him into the family- an orphan no more.

Once Betsy’s puppies were old enough to go their own way, she was left alone with no one to care for… until Tom and Carol walked into the room.

Devastated from not only losing one, but two fur babies within a short time span, Tom and Carol had empty spaces in their hearts that they weren’t sure they were ready to fill yet. Pondering the thought of adopting a rescue, the couple set up a few meet and greets at local animal shelters, but left empty handed. They decided that HSNEGA would be the last place they would go to look around, and the pair were stopped in their tracks when they locked eyes with sweet Betsy…

Tom and Carol decided it would be best to foster Betsy first. The connection seemed too good to be true. Luckily, it wasn’t.

“I came around the corner and we locked eyes, and I think I knew. Fast forward a year and she is a central part of our family. She is happy and healthy and cured of heartworms. We love her dearly. A part of that love is to train her, we do that daily and she has made remarkable progress. We couldn’t be happier that we made the trip to HSNEGA that day. We saved a dog from a horrific past life and gave her a new life. Thanks to the wonderful staff of HSNEGA for the work they do to make the lives of animals better.” ~ Tom and Carol, HSNEGA Fosters and Betsys PAWrents.

Now, Betsy spends her days surrounded by a loving family. Betsy’s maternal side still comes out around her new sister, Millie, who she snuggles and takes care of. It is safe to say that Betsy was waiting on a miracle, and when she met Tom and Carol, she found it.


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