Art With Heart 2018

For more than nine years, Art with Heart has been the biggest event of the season at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia (HSNEGA). By now, our team just about has the event down to a science. But even still, a lot goes into making sure an event as big as Art with Heart goes off without a hitch.

After eight months of planning and hard work in preparation for Art with Heart 2018, HSNEGA’s annual gala, Saturday was, finally, the big day. Samantha Threadgill, HSNEGA’s Development and Communications Director, spearheaded the event. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of the committee, made up of 20 people in the community, who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for the past 8 months to make this event a huge success. As a result, we are almost $40,000 over our goal,” she says with a huge amount of appreciation in her voice

More than 200 artists from all around the country contributed pieces to be auctioned off in support of HSNEGA’s rescue fund.

Among some of the classiest attendees were four sweet rescue pups, endearingly named April Ludgate, Tom Haverford, Ron Swanson, and Andy Dwyer. The puppies were a huge hit with the crowd and have since found their furrrever homes! (woohoo!!) Thanks to generous donors and their support, HSNEGA was able to raise more than $163,000.

In the rainy months of planning leading up to the announcement, HSNEGA discovered another unforeseen project. HSNEGA’s current facility, built in 1988, has a roof with no ridge vents or ventilation. As a result, the shelter’s roof is now severely leaking and needs replacing. In fact, one of the main leaks is over the new Christian-David Healthy Pet Clinic area, putting the entire remodel at risk.

(Daphne and Murray David, donors and namesake of HSNEGA’s new Christian-David Healthy Pet Clinic)

So, while the current roof has served us well for almost 20 years, it’s now time to RAISE THE WOOF for the rescues! Since the roof needs raising, HSNEGA is going to make sure it is the BEST roof possible for rescues! A major trend in animal enrichment is to bring in natural light, so the plan is to add solar tunnels to diffuse natural light into the building in areas where there are no windows.

During Art with Heart alone, we raised $32,400 alone, over half of the total cost of the new roof.

Help HSNEGA #RaiseTheWoof for rescues! Only $30 buys a sheet of shingles and helps keep homeless animals safe and dry. Thank you for Raising the Woof!! Thanks to YOU, the HSNEGA rescues have a brand new roof!

Be sure to join HSNEGA at next year’s Art with Heart, scheduled for February 23, 2019!


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At HSNEGA, we want to remember the amazing rescues that come to stay with us. All of the animals pictured on this site have been with us at some point. Some have already found their forever homes, but some may still be here at HSNEGA! The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #58-0678817) and has received top recognition from the following charity rating organizations:

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