Adopting a Shelter Cat is the BEST – Here’s Why

For many people, it’s obvious why adopting a shelter cat is much the best option.

You’re saving a life.

And that in itself is something special and can mean the start of a fantastic bond between you and your newly adopted feline friend.

However, many people can be deterred from adopting a shelter cat due to the difficulties many of them have faced. 

Potential adopters worry that this is going to mean that the shelter cat will come with possible physical and mental problems.

And this could be the case.

Some shelter cats will have some physical issues, and cats with a missing limb or eye are regularly cared for by shelters in the hope they will find a loving new home.

Not everyone is ready to take on a partially disabled cat but many shelter cats, if free from physical disability, will still have some mental scars from their prior life.

Shelter cats can be more timid and less open to human interaction, but this shouldn’t stop you from adopting one.

With lots of love and perseverance, a shelter cat is worth all the effort.

For these reasons adopting a cat from a shelter is the only way to go when considering welcoming a furry friend into your house.

You Will Save A Life

All shelter cats end up in a shelter due to a hardship in their life and if they’re not adopted an alarming number of perfectly healthy cats have to be put down.

With the overflow of animals needing rescue, almost all shelters are always struggling to keep up with the animals they already have in their care and making space for the steady procession of new arrivals.

That means by adopting a cat not only are you giving that cat a second chance, but you’re freeing up a space for another kitty to find a home.

With all the shelter cats in America, it’s easy to find the perfect cat for you and often the perfect cat will pick you when you visit a shelter – one may stand out and you’ll fall in love there and then!

Spare a thought for black cats and orange cats when you visit a shelter to pick up your new furry friend. They are both often overlooked but ginger or orange cats especially usually make for great companions.

Cats Are Great For Your Mental Health

Everyone knows that cats can raise your mood due to their cute factor.

However, many studies have shown just how much a cat can help your mental health.

They drastically lower stress and anxiety levels and can help you when you feel sick.

Having a furry friend around makes you feel responsible for something more and therefore helps people with depression massively.

Spending time with your cat can significantly reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, allowing you to feel more relaxed.

Additionally, it has been shown that having a cat promotes regular sleep cycles and a more regular everyday schedule, allowing you to be more productive.

It’s Cheaper

Shelters do a lot of the work for you.

Almost all shelters will have spayed, neutered, immunized, and chipped their cats for you.

For a small price, or sometimes for free, all of this is done so you don’t have to worry about it and neither does your bank!

Additionally, shelters take care of any pre-existing medical conditions the cat might have meaning you won’t have to pay for vet bills as an early financial shock from your new cat.

A lot of the time shelters will supply you with any toys and blankets that your cat has grown to love whilst at the shelter.

All these things help drastically lower the initial cost of bringing a cat into your life.

Therefore, in order to save your money and have the best cat possible for you, adopting is the way to go.

Adoption Allows for a Unique Cat

One great thing about adopting a cat is the wide variety of cats that you might find in a shelter.

When you walk into a shelter, you’re presented with all different types of cats.

Different breeds, ages, and, of course, personalities.

When you buy from a breeder, you just don’t get this since most breeders will specialize in one breed and will only have the current litters available for your choice. An older cat or one of a different breed is not an option.

Many people note that when they go to a shelter, it feels like the cat chose them.

Adopting is a very special experience for many and that part of the experience shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Many shelters also take the time and effort to make sure the cat you’re adopting is right for you by allowing you to spend a lot of time with the cat to ensure you are the perfect match!


Owning a cat is a special and exciting thing, so having the right cat is very important.

Most importantly, when adopting you are giving a homeless kitty home and allowing them a new life.

With the abundance of cats in shelters, you’re bound to find your perfect cat who slots right into your life.

All of these reasons should convince you that adopting is the only way to go.

Although these are only five reasons, there are so many more that should convince you that a shelter cat deserves a loving home – with you.

It can sound a bit cliche, but by adopting you really are making the world a better place and helping something bigger than yourself.

You’re saving multiple lives and adding to your own. There’s really nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?

Adopt a shelter cat now!


About the Author

Sam Jones is a feline expert focusing on cat behavior, cat health, and cat care. She has lived with cats her entire life and has been writing about cats for as long as she can remember. She is currently a senior contributing editor at We Love Cats and Kittens.


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