SAFF NEEDS YOU. Friends, meet Saff, a 5-year-old Bull Terrier mix who needs you now more than ever.

It started with a cough. A cough that couldn’t go unnoticed. You see, Saff has heartworms, deadly foot-long worms that have taken over her heart. Heartworms, if left untreated, can move into the lungs causing heart failure, severe lung disease and permanent damage to other vital organs.

After an examination by our team, Saff was sent to our friends as Animal Medical Care for x-rays to discover what was going on with her lungs. And this was following surgery to her eyelids which were folding inward causing her tremendous pain.

This morning Saff’s x-rays came back… And it’s not good. Normal lungs do not display white splotches on x-rays as Saff’s do. Those splotches (see orange arrows) indicate SEVERE congestion and inflammation. And to top it off, the x-rays also confirmed Saff has MULTIPLE fractures on her spine.

The good news? She has YOU. Saff knows she can count on YOU to help her get the special medication and treatment she needs to get rid of these intrusive and life-threatening heartworms, heal her broken bones and broken spirit, and with YOU, she can have the life she’s always deserved.

By becoming Saff’s Adoption Angel you will ensure she gets lifesaving care until she finds her forever home. With YOU she can live PAIN-FREE.

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