Hi, my name is Rose and well… I pee myself. Thanks to genetics, I have ectopic ureters. Basically that means my ureters (the tubes that connect my kidneys to my urethra and then to my bladder) are not connected to my urethra or bladder in the right place. Because of this, I am what is called incontinent and well, pee myself without even knowing I’m peeing myself.

The only way to fix my condition is with a $5,000 surgery. Listening to the hoomans talk about it, that must be a lot of money because the tone of their voice changes every time they say $5,000 surgery. I wouldn’t know, my currency is dog bones and kisses.

I can still live a full life without this surgery. I will dribble and on occasion get urinary tract infections, but I promise to be a good girl for the things I have control of… Like my unconditional love for you.

My condition has made it hard for me to find a forever home and understand it is not something everyone can handle. Until I find my forever family will you be my Adoption Angel? By becoming my Adoption Angel, you will ensure I continue to get the care I need and will have a place to lay my head until my special hoomans find me.


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