Peaches came to HSNEGA with a mangled paw, very pregnant and heartworm positive. She was able to have 6 puppies on her own but her labor slowed down and needed an emergency C-Section.

Not even 24 hours after her emergency C-Section, Peaches was in another state of emergency. Heartworms do not make it easy to nurse newborn puppies and recover from surgery. Peaches ended up in emergency care to get her through the night.

It was all hands on deck. HSNEGA team members, across all departments, pitched in taking turns caring for Peaches and her puppies. Bag after bag of IV fluids, Peaches struggled to regain strength and needed a blood transfusion.

Peaches and her puppies went home with Selena, HSNEGA’s Clinical Services Coordinator. Every hour, through the night, Selena checked on the family. With a heavy heart, we share that two of the puppies did not make it through the night.

Even with everything Peaches has been through she has never stopped caring for her puppies. She is a fighter and such a sweet momma!

Peaches and her puppies continue to need around-the-clock care. Can they count on your love?

Please help me and my puppies.

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